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In our 2nd session of the WordMagic WordShoppe, one of the participants introduced us to the Japanese word moai [moe-eye], which essentially means, ‘meeting for a common purpose.’ This is precisely what we are doing in our four synergistic, catalytic conversations.

We are exploring ways in which the English language has narrowed our perceptual framework and prejudiced our perspectives on reality. In our fourth and final conversation of this series, we will focus on what we can do collectively and creatively to foment a linguistic reVOLTage –– in which we elevate the amperage on the English language. For by evolving and upgrading this leading software of the Western Mind, we believe we can help to facilitate our essential evolutionary leap from humankind to HumanKindness.

In researching moai after our 2nd session, I learned that it is actually the first of three recommended keys for living a meaningful life. The second key is ikegai [ee-kee-gai], which defines as ––

“one’s reason for being, which in principle is the convergence of one’s personal passions, beliefs, values, and vocation: those who follow the concept of ikigai undertake the activities of their life with willingness and a satisfying sense of meaning.”

By this definition, WordMagic, which has been a major force and focus for my entire life, is my ikegai. So, imagine my surprise when this same online dictionary’s word-of-the-day –– on the day of our 3rd WordMagic WordShoppe conversation –– was ikegai. Never have I personally seen it feature a Japanese word for an English-speaking audience.

Furthering the profundity of this dictionary synchronicity is the fact that much of our conversation in that session centered on our stunned horror and outrage over the global insanity afflicting every level of society and specifically targeting the youngest and most vulnerable among us –– while destroying the Earth, simultaneously.

After spending time venting our outrage, the question naturally became, ‘What can I personally do to help shift this geocidal, genocidal ‘juggernaut’ (which is defined as, ‘a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution’).

Personally, I am one who believes that each of us carries a spiritual DNA that holds our Soul Purpose in Life. And for many of us, it unfolds like a seed that germinates only after a forest fire, when the need for what we carry is at its greatest.

I further believe that this is the time of our Great Awakening –– to who and what we truly are and to the essential gifts we are divinely designed to share at this pivotal moment in our species’ existence. And it is by recognizing and actualizing our deepest ‘passions, beliefs, values, and vocation’ that we each discover the direction for our most profound and fulfilling contributions. For clearly, EACH of us has something to tEACH.

Perhaps you are one who is impelled to take direct action –– and/or legal action –– against those who function as the embodiment of insane ideas. Or maybe you are meant to birth a visionary idea for how we can function together as a society that supports the well-being of all its members. Or maybe you are an artist whose work awakens others to the beauty, kindness, love and wisdom at the heart of everyone –– beneath the noisy turbulence of our polluted stream of consciousness.

The English word Purpose simply doesn’t have the energy or urgency to convey how essential it is to the evolution of society –– and to our personal sense of fulfillment –– that we each discover and express our rai·son d’ê·tre, which is defined online as: ‘the most important reason or purpose for someone or something’s existence.’ This is the meaning of ikegai.

As for how we discover what we are here to do, I treasure these enduring words by the 20th C. American philosopher, author, educator, theologian and civil rights leader, Howard Thurman ––

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because the world needs people who have come alive.”

It is playing with words that I have found so enlivening and educational throughout my life. So, when the CoVid shutdown began, I wrote an extensive Rap about what I believe is really going on behind the scenes.  The piece, which is, as yet, incomplete –– is called, Transcending this 5¢ Reality. It starts out ––

herd immunity!

What an absurd word

and absolute profanity to apply this

derogatory terminology to the divine entity

known collectively as



It then outlines the manipulated worldview that had us all protecting ourselves not only from ‘perfect’ strangers –– who we feared might be the death of us –– but from Mother Nature, as well. It is a very dark vision that I shared only with my son and several close friends. What I want to share now with you –– that is so relevant to ikegai –– is what I think this is really all about from a cosmic perspective. For as it states ––

But wait!

Could this actually be precisely the time

for which we signed-up, pre-birth –– if you believe in that sort of thing

to be present on Earth because of our passionate desire to help elevate global

consciousness through the gifts we bring, which we have cultivated

over lifetimes and now wish to share at this pivotal moment in

our species’ history –– when the potential for exponential

acceleration of conscious evolution is literally

All Up in the Air?


Quite possibly,

it seems to me!


For what else is a global emergency

if not a Clarion Call for each and all of us to

Emerge and See who and what we really are ––

beyond the details of our lives and



In Truth,

we are the stars in human form.

For we are woven from the

dust of ancient celestial



And this is not

mere poetic metaphor

since science has now proven what

all Sages know and shared in distant

ages with our ancestors:


We are quite

literally the flowers of the Universe;

in-formed and individualized in-Carnations

of the multiverse of Star Nations

now rising up from the Earth

as this critical mOMENt of

global death and



And whether

we’re awake to it or not,

we are more fully individuated

than snowflakes. For each one of us embodies

a divine, one-of-a-kind and highly purposeful design …


This contemplation on ikegai has led me to realize that it is time to complete and share the entire Rap, Transcending this 5¢ Reality. My special thanks to all of those participating in this WordMagic conversation for the inspiration you have provided me to complete what I hope will be a highly informative and enlightening piece that inspires You to reach more deeply inside to uncover and uncork the GENI-US that resides within.

Laurel Airica

My abiding fascination with the English language has enabled me to develop great skill in using it to express ideas that make a positive difference in people’s lives.