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Be You To Full

With spacious heart

With mind that’s touched by grace


With simple Human Majesty

Step forth and take your place


America, America

Needs all of us to be –

Courageous souls with noble goals

To set our country free!

★ ★ ★

Updating Old Glory

To New Glory

With each state that was added to the Union, a new star was added to the flag. Now, we can celebrate our intention to enter a unified new state of Heart-Centered Human Consciousness by slightly reconfiguring the flag so it can visually represent the mission that our country was founded to fulfill.

By spreading the 50 stars across the top of the flag, and placing the stripes vertically beneath this starry heaven, we can symbolize One Nation – of upright individuals of color and non-color – standing side-by-side under God (aka Source, Great Spirit, etc.).

Fifty stars is an esoterically appropriate representation of God since 50 is L in Roman numerals, EL is an abbreviation for GOD in Hebrew, EL is THE in Spanish (and He), and THE is the prefix for god-referencing words like THEocrasy and THEodicy, etc..ª

“Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

(Lev. 25:10) Inscription on the Liberty Bell


ª Theocrasy – as opposed to Theocracy – means union of the personal soul with God.  Not surprisingly, it is not found in every dictionary. Theodicy is defined by Random House as “a vindication of the goodness of God in relation to the existence of evil.”



Laurel Airica

My abiding fascination with the English language has enabled me to develop great skill in using it to express ideas that make a positive difference in people’s lives.