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  1. “The vital principle that guides the development and function of an organism
  2. The Soul” [per Google]


Years ago, Eye encountered the word entelechy by turning to the word quite by chance in a large dictionary. This synchronistic discovery was no doubt sparked by the desire Eye held at the time to help others achieve Self-Real-Eyes-ation through the spontaneous Life Metaphor readings that flowed through me for them –– often under the influence of a small toke of cannabis.


Personally, Eye define and interpret this obscure yet important word as the actualization of our essential potential. Entelechy is also the Self-actualizing force within us that impels us to endeavor to fulfill the highest expression we are capable of achieving –– for our own Greatest Good and the Greatest Good of All.


The existence of such a force is apparent in the metamorphosis of an acorn into an oak, and of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Both bring greater beauty and nurturance to the Earth and all life upon it through their total transformation –– just as we are designed to do. For certainly we are no less equipped to become our Greater Self than these tiny beings. And given the times we are living in, isn’t it High Time we set the intention to do all that we can to cooperate with the process of becoming that which we were divinely designed to be?


So here is the intention Eye envision and speak into existence at the start of every day: mEye intention is become a synergistic, catalystic love geyser –– capable of propelling quantum leaps in consciousness and igniting flames of creative passion and compassionate kindness everywhere I go with all whom I encounter. It is the desire of mEye heart to give mEye whole Soul Self to Source– moment-by-moment-by-moment –– to be directed inwardly to do what is highest and best outwardly throughout each day. For Eye intend to be a stand for peace and harmony and a catalyst for Higher Consciousness such that everyone is blessed simply because Eye exist and everything works out more exquisitely than Eye could wish, so that the human chrysalis becomes crystalline and we all come on-line with the Divine.


Truly, this vision is an eye-deal-ization. But this is a time when great advances in consciousness are both possible and necessary. So, Eye invite you to create your own personal invocation.


Then, join with me –– if you feel so inclined –– in calling forth divine global awakenings that instigate entelechy and enable us collectively to activate and accelerate conscious evolution planetarily and thereby bring forth a world society that works beautifully, harmoniously for all Life on Earth –– in perpetuity. May all Beings everywhere be blessed with God-consciousness and live in joy, beauty, wisdom, kindness, prosperity, genEROSity, high creativity and supernatural harmony.

Laurel Airica

My abiding fascination with the English language has enabled me to develop great skill in using it to express ideas that make a positive difference in people’s lives.