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Announcing the Animated Video of

eSoterica by Laurel Airica: The Definitive Exegesis on the Letter S in Verse


At long last, last year, I finally was able to hire a visual artist and a voice artist who together turned my poem on the letter S into an animated video. You can see the preview here:

Most people view the alphabet as meaningless symbols for meaningless sounds. Thus, though we recognize symbols as the language of the unconscious, we remain virtually unconscious to the significance of the most prevalent set of symbols on the planet, which form the basis for millions of words in English and a multitude of other languages.

The letters of the Alphabet contain small seeds of big ideas inscribed into their arcs, lines and dots. And these letters come together to form everything from meaningless tweets to towering tomes. Could they also be code that programs our consciousness? And could the letters that compose some words be formulas and acronyms for what they are about?

Here, for example, are LOVE’s letters:

L = God (El in Hebrew is a generic term for God)

O = Without Beginning or End

V = The tip of the arrow that infuses Spirit into Matter, thereby initiating ––

E = EVOLution


A closer look at SOUL reveals that it, too, bespeaks its own contents:

S = Perpetual transformation: yin/yang, he/She, etc.

O = Without Beginning or End

U = The Cup yoU aRe that’s open to the UniVerse

L = God (or whatever you might care to call the Infinite Intelligence that is our Source)


And here’s what I’ve made of SUCCESS:

S = Serving

U = Universally by

C = Contributing

C = Creatively to the

E = Evolution of the

S = Sacred in

S = Society!


My journey with the AlphaBet began in early childhood. ‘Who said, A, B, C, D,?’ I wanted to know. But there was no one I could ask who could give me a credible answer.

In the third grade, when learning about the explorers, I recognized that I, too, wanted to be an explorer. So, I was quite disappointed to hear that all the continents had already been ‘discovered.’ Later, I joked, that they left the consonants for me. And given that the word-twin for consonants is consonance, which means harmony and accord, I felt quite content with my lot.

My earnest exploration of the 26 letters began when I was 15 or so. I took a pad of paper and wrote down the word, Word. I was thinking about the opening statement of Genesis, In the Beginning was the Word. And I was eager to explore why the Bible makes the Word synonymous with God.

So, I took my pad with the Word printed on it and spontaneously added an L to it. Then, Lo and Behold, the Word instantly turned into the World. Next, I wrote the word, God on the pad of paper and again inserted an L. It immediately turned God into Gold. And it is because so many people worship Gold as God on Earth that our whole ground of being has been literally unEarthed.

I concluded that L must be the Lord of the Alphabet. And indeed, the sound of EL is an abbreviated word in Hebrew for God. It’s also He and The in Latin languages. And while God is described as a He in Christianity, the word The is the beginning of several words related to God –– like theology, theocrasy, etc.

The Letter S proved easiest to decipher. Clearly it must be a symbol for transformation ­–– and maybe trance-formation, too. I played with it for quite a while before weaving all the pieces together into eSoterica.

I remember where I was when I suddenly saw the irony in the fact that we speak of the Word as being more powerful than the Sword. And the world’s most powerful wielder of the Word is considered to be a man named ShakeSpeare. It’s so much fun when the pieces of the puzzle fit together so perfectly.

Another synchronicity was the fact that one of the first people with whom I shared eSoterica was Dr. Leonard Shlain, who at the time was writing his masterful work, The Alphabet vs. the Goddess.  I was privileged to read and comment on it while Leonard was busy writing it.

If you are curious about my synchronistic connection with this extraordinary man, please click this link:

And if you’d like to learn more about the power of transformation the Letter S possesses –– as the Sorceress of the Alphabet –– please see the preview on YouTube. Then, become a patron of the Art of WordMagic to receive the URL for the entire video –– and to help fund the one that’s like to follow –– on the Letter I:

Laurel Airica

My abiding fascination with the English language has enabled me to develop great skill in using it to express ideas that make a positive difference in people’s lives.