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    I was thinking about the word morning and potential alternatives–I came up with “borning” instead of morning, as the light is being reborn for the new day, it seems to make more sense for describing this vital part of our daily life.


    EDIT: I forgot to ask, what would you suggest as a different way of greeting the day?


    How about “dawning” ? Dawn associations: begin, new, awakening, light, illumination, entering consciousness, enlightening (light imparted on all)


    As for a different way of greeting the day (with individuals).. if one dawns on me :) I will post it here.

    We are essentially honoring the day simultaneously… I’m considering a simple “Dawning”
    Neither good nor bad. Just is.

    It is night here. Any suggestion for honoring the introspective night? ..The word “eventide”
    even = balanced
    tide = time
    Tide also associates with “alternating” and “movement”.

    Eventide <3

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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