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“The real secret of magic is that the world is made of words, and that if you know the words that the world is made of you can make of it whatever you wish.” Terrence. McKenna


is a revolutionary form of wordplay
that dazzles English-speaking audiences everywhere.

Through stunning stunts of cunning punning
—in vibrant verse and spontaneous, spellbinding speech–
I perform depth-defying feats with ordinary words
that will trance•form the way you view
the Whirled Forever.

During a 30-90 minute WordMagic Show,
Audiences Members Will–

• Marvel – as ordinary words are opened up like oyster shells to reveal the pearls of wisdom and other surprises embedded within them

• Behold – How the ‘cymbals’ of the alphabet ring bells in our minds

• Discover – That We DO Come With Instructions for living fulfilling lives: They’re in the very words we speak and are as easy to access as ABC.

• Remember – That playing with words leads to entertaining ideas

• Find Out – How we can Use the Word for the World’s ReCreation

By Turning Words
Insight Out & BackWord
WordMagic Automagically Trance-Forms
Punsters into Pundits and Makes WordPlayers
Smarter, Wiser, Kinder, more Conscious, Creative and Literate
A Window Into WordMagic

A Few Audience Comments

“Congratulations on your brilliant work!”
Dr. Leonard Shlain, best-selling author, inventor and surgeon

“It really struck me as Ogden Nash meets the fairy godmother & Buddha.”
Leigh McCloskey, artist/author/actor

“If Dr. Seuss and William Shakespeare had a child, it would be Laurel.”
Michael Teal, Philosopher