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The footprint of the culture can be read throughout the language—and our deeper wisdom ‘unearthed’—by looking more deeply into words. Then, like fireworks of inspiration going off in the brain, we experience the epiphanies of linguistic synchronicities, which illuminate our path and elevate our perspective on everything! Here’s how it all got started:

In the Beginning, there was The Word

and we all know what happened after that…

The Word   e   x   p   a   n   d   e   d   to become The WorLd

And the Whirled spun-out fragmenting into billions of whirreds each reVERBerating in distant echoes of each other.

Now these words are coming back together – like tiny pieces of a giant puzzle – to form a picture of what was on our minds when we first brought them forth.

We find these relics strewn like shells along the See of Consciousness

And holding each to our hEART, discern the hidden secrets of the EARTh.

When you discover a piece of the evidence re-sounding in a word – a reflection of an old belief or fragment of eternal wisdom – be sure to share it with a friend.

Then, together we can cast a new Set of Spells for the ReCreation of the Planet.

A Bit of Context:

The English language is filled with meaningful messages. But because we’ve been oblivious to the obvious— up until now—we haven’t been able to benefit from the wit and wisdom with which our linguistic system of symbols and sounds reflects our brilliance and foolishness back to us.

In recent years, many people have noticed that the word ‘dis-ease’ is self-defining; and that ‘history’ literally is ‘his-story”—the biased re-telling of a conqueror’s tale. Though these words have been treated as isolated anomalies, our language is constantly ‘talking back’ to us.

The rich nuggets of information embedded in our words are available to anyone who cares to look and listen.  And over time, as the evidence accumulates, one becomes aware of the fascinating commentary running through the subtext of our language that echoes and reflects—holo-grammatically—both our self-destructive contra-dictions and our innate higher wisdom.