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Notes upon arising: 10.28.21: Benevolent kindness is the salve for all our wounds –– The kindness of strangers when there is no one else who can save us from ourselves; and the kindness that pours forth from our own hearts when we are restored to ourselves.

On one of the many occasions in which I’ve felt stingy and contracted –– as well as self-critical about it –– I heard within myself:

Ripe fruit tastes sweet.

Full hearts give love.

Clearly, I was somewhat sour because I was running on empty. I know I am HOME Free when the primary impulse within me is to offer loving kindness to others –– as a necessity of my own Being and its fundamental need for FeelFullment.

So, how synchronous it is that Bees make honey since the sweetness of Loving Kindness is actually the Honey of Being. It is the essence of being not merely human but fully HumanE. And that’s when we are being true to ourselves as a divine instrument of HumanKindness.

Humanity is actually a collective being: Our EYES face outwards so that I can Si you and you can Si me. Together we form We. And Oui is a French word for Yes. Thus, we all rise together or we will destroy each other and be enslaved.

For most of us, bondage comes from our conditioning, which has us reacting unthinkingly to current triggers based on the programming of the past. Fortunately, however –– now more than ever –– there are profound levels of healing and well-being achievable today through multiple modalities that accelerate our awakening and liberation out of the contracted self and into the expansive Self.

There are two modalities that I’ve personally found most helpful in recent years. One is The 3 Principles, which is an understanding that evolved from the instant enlightenment experience of a man named Syd Banks in the early ‘70s. The 3P’s is not a process or a practice. It is an understand that is shared by facilitators around the world, including psychologists and psychiatrists (

The other program that has been a God-send for me is the The 45-Day Awakening Challenge of Dr. Jeffrey A. Martin ( The percentage of people who awaken through his program is off-the-charts. But for many –– myself included –– what has gotten in the way of experiencing ‘fundamental wellbeing’ persistently are residual traumas that need to be exorcised, like a familial demonic ‘possession’ of sorts.  And fortunately, a whole community has developed around Dr. Martin’s program to make sure that ‘no one gets left behind’ on the journey to awakening and liberation. The price for these various programs is nominal and often nonexistent.

I am so grateful for all this bounty of offerings – as well as to my own creative spirit, which has forged the ‘craft’ on which I’ve sailed through the personal tsunamis that nearly swamped and capsized me on many occasions in the past.

Looking back, I see now how these waves of change formed the evolutionary energies that prompted me to become the being I am today. And without such pressures, would I ever have cultivated and shared the gifts my divine Daimon fashioned me to express?

Laurel Airica

My abiding fascination with the English language has enabled me to develop great skill in using it to express ideas that make a positive difference in people’s lives.