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With everything that’s going on right now, I’ve been thinking about a beautiful, heart-centered mentor/friend who’s older ½-brother was beaten in early childhood by his police officer bio-dad. He grew up full of rage and hatred to become a drive-by shooter of people of color.

In prison he became the leader of the Aryan nation –– until he was awakened by a prison ministry to discover the Christ presence within his own heart. Everything changed for him after that, which confirms my conviction that when our hearts open wide we’ll find angels deep inside. This is so for every one of us.

From what I understand, the racist cop who murdered George Floyd is now in jail under suicide watch. Can you imagine being the one who callously commits so heinous an act –– with the whole world as your witness –– that it sets off a global conflagration? What a torturous road for this man to have to travel to ultimately arrive at an awakening to who he really is at heart. But hopefully, his process and our response to it will contribute to a mass awakening.

Today, in meditation, as I envisioned the future that I would like to experience, I could feel how wonderful it would be if acts of extreme love and genEROSity were also witnessed globally and instigated worldwide repercussions –– of the kind that inspires the best in us all.

That’s certainly a vision I aspire to fulfill. How absolutely ecstatic and orgasmic it would be to set off waves of inspiration that ripple sensuously throughout the body politic of the global population –– setting off positive reverberations everywhere. I envision offering insights that ignite the pleasure centers of the global brain, inciting riots of laughter as we awaken to the recognition of who we’ve been all along –– at heart.

I imagine great numbers of us assuming our full height as divinely humane beings. And as an enlightened collective entity, we would then be able to turn the tide on the See of Consciousness from the current perpetual endarkenment toward the brilliant Light of a dawning Golden Age in which we all turn Sage.

Somehow, in the midst of all this misery, I see this distant light of possibility.

I describe how it might occur in this stanza from my WordMagic Global anthem, Taking Command of the English Language:

To be

the One to release

the Dove of Peace on a Wave of Love

that lifts us all above our usual sense of separation

must surely be the cause for an on-going celebration;

for it is certainly an experience that lifts us well beyond words

and beyond anything money could possibly buy.


it is free-for-all who wish to glorify

God’s living presence as our human essence

and thus —  to bless the best

in the rest of us.

I’ve come to appreciate this poem or rap or whatever you call it more and more these days. I wrote it in the mid-90s and posted it in 2010. Now that increasing numbers of thought leaders are awakening to the awareness that we can actually Heal the Word to Heal the World, I think the time has come for such a vision to be actualized  by us all, word-by-word, as we speak and wRite.

You might enjoy listening to the whole poem in order to get a sense of the larger vision. Taking Command is the companion piece to The Secret Spells of the English Language, which I also posted in 2010. Here are their links on my YouTube channel:

The Secret Spells of the English Language

Taking Command of the English Language

Each one of us is a veritable mystery to ourselves. Let us take time to unRap the gift that we are –– and then share ourselves more fully and kindly with the world. I promise you a pleasure like none other –– word-by-word, as we speak and wRite with greater kindness, humility, wisdom and authenticity!

Love & Blessed Wishes,

P.S. If you’d like more WordMagical inspiration, consider purchasing my book+cd, WordMagic: WordPlay That Puts a New Spin on the Whirled:

Laurel Airica

My abiding fascination with the English language has enabled me to develop great skill in using it to express ideas that make a positive difference in people’s lives.