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A Vision of Ascension

What if you couldn’t do it right but you couldn’t get it wrong?

What if – at this point – everything works together for Good, no matter how messed up it looks initially?

What if the magnetism for wholeness and holiness was now so strong that all the broken pieces must come together?

What if hearts leapt into mouths and only kindness could be spoken?

What if calm spread – though fear was intended to be engendered?

What if trust came over us like a hard rain in the face of apparent disaster because of a supra-awareness of a Higher Order of Being unfolding; and each person became a pillar for an inner temple arising from the Earth; and Eden Preparedness spreads from Soul to Soul like blankets at a grand picnic; and Hallelujahs are heard from the throats of Birds; and the outer structures fall like the thin plaster of a struck stage set; and no one needs validation for their existence ever again because Merry is the Mother of us all?

What if the desire to serve overtook us with the urgency of sexual desire – to join together in the mutual pleasuring of loving kindness exchanged and extended; and no one felt higher or lower because everyone felt better?

And there weren’t merely 200+ channels on TV – but nearly 800 billion channels among you and me?

And wisdom hits the ground running, and walking, skipping and jumping.

And we all take up arms to embrace each other; and hearts melt and fill the streets and alleyways with red cinnamon chocolate?

And there is so much love melted together that no one knows whose is whose and we all can’t help but pray for each other’s happiness even though it is totally unnecessary because everyone is blessed to be their best almost involuntarily since we’re all impressed with the divine impulse?

And everyone knows they are a gift from God and takes divine pleasure in giving of themselves to others because we all recognize each other as faces we have seen in mirrors when sleep-walking through our day dreams of awakeness?

And everyone is pardoned for forgetting who they were to begin with and thinking they had to get for themselves from each other.

And in seeing ourselves in each other, we are all instantly transformed and we all speak for each other in one voice with the wisdom that comes out of the mouths of babes. And sweetness is on the tip of every tongue.

Then, suddenly, all of us are shot full of light and winged!

Laurel Airica

My abiding fascination with the English language has enabled me to develop great skill in using it to express ideas that make a positive difference in people’s lives.