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Pray or Prey / Prophet or Profit / Worship or Warship / Parish or Perish

Is the English Language Talking Back to Us?

I believe that it is – and that homonyms are Freudian slips of the cultural unconscious. I also believe that the four pairs of homonyms cited above reveal the overt justification and underlying motivation for the ultimate oxyMoron, the so-called Holy War.

So consider this:  If the Word creates the World—as its spelling indicates that it does—and if ‘Life and Death are in the power of the tongue’ as Scriptures states that they are, then now is clearly the time for all of us to throw off the yoke of bad ideas (many of which are actually embedded in English language symbols and sounds and affirmed each time we speak our mind). We can actually begin to purposefully use the Word for the World’s ReCreation.

To find out how we can do that, first take a look at this:

Click on mobile, hover on desktop or laptop to see what lies within the words we speak.

In WordMagic performance-presentations and workshops, I take audience members deep into the shadowy despair-ities and inner philosophy of the English language to reveal:

  1. The self-defeating contra-dictions through which we write our own Life Sentences;
  2. The Secret Path Words pointing toward our liberation; and
  3. How young and old around the globe can take command of the language by collectively upgrading English into a true Romance language of the heart that inspires the best in us all.

By turning words insight out and backwords to expose the Secret Spells they cast upon our minds, I also perform Alphabet Alchemy to reveal some potent messages with deeper implications as in these highly significant anagrams: (hover or click)

Now consider this: We recognize symbols as the language of the unconscious yet are virtually unconscious to the significance in the most meaningful set of symbols on the planet: The 26 letters of the English alphabet. Yet, what if they actually spell-out the genome of the Western mind?

In eSoterica by Laurel Airica—which I contend must be the definitive exegesis on the Letter S in verse’—I unveil the life philosophy contained in this simple symbol for metamorphoSiS. And in the Aye that is Oui–another alpha-poetic performance piece—I point out that just as we have two eyes, so there are two forms of the Letter I in the alphabet. Together, they spell-out the path for Self-Real-Eyes-ation—which is the fulfillment of our capital potential.

Through WordMagic performances audience members discover a phonetic Kabbalah of the English language. And because WordMagic is so contagious, they are inspired to embark on their own treasure hunt for the deeper wisdom contained within The Secret Spells of the Unheard Word.

They are also inspired to invent and circulate new words and phrases that can put a more positive spin on the whirled. The result is a greater understanding of the power of the Word to impact the quality of our world—and a greater recognition of the transforming pleasures of wordplay.

ProlegOMENon: The Homonym FUNomenon

Popular criticisms of linguistic witticisms is a cultural bias that serves to deny us the wisdom and fun one can plumb from some puns.

For even though the pun is shunned as overdone and quite dismissible, a simple play on words can make the obvious abruptly visible, for puns are one way to see multi-dimensionally– where our Mother Tongue slips she reveals our thoughts culturally: As, for instance, in the quite perverse yet apropos conceit that relegates our souls to what gets walked on by our feat.

One can’t say unequivocally linguistic anomaly will always contain bits of social psychologically. But multiple incidents of startling coincidence suggest by the prevalence of overlooked evidence there may even be influence that occurs where the confluence of thought-streams in words have vibrations converge in one sound.

For I’ve found that their merge can infer an implicit equivalence between what’s meant and what’s heard—though most miss its significance– and are therefore rendered all the more susceptible to linking concepts that the conscious mind might find completely unacceptable.

As, for instance, who among us cares to think that when we shrink ourselves into our shells and get depressed that the state of peace we hope to see increase through this bleak retreat is a sound, deep rest?

But because we’re both oblivious and derisive toward the pun we tend to disregard the deep profundities that some possess in their unseen and yet conspicuous curriculum.

Now, the reason such relationships exist ‘twixt terms is really not so enigmatical: words mirror, echo, spin and twist since language is holo-grammatical; and thus reveal mixed metaphors of cultural dysfunction as well as higher wisdom at some homonyms’ (and anagrams)

Chapter 1 of Our Mystic Linguistic Echo-System: A Terse Discourse in Verse on the Power of the Word. © 1996 Laurel Airica

Laurel Airica

My abiding fascination with the English language has enabled me to develop great skill in using it to express ideas that make a positive difference in people’s lives.