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When I was in grade school learning about the explorers, I decided that I wanted to be an explorer myself. So, imagine my disappointment upon learning that all the continents had already been discovered. Now I like to joke that they saved the consonants for me (and the wise old Vowels that give them all their voice).

Working intuitively and from divine inspiration, I have managed to decode a handful of letters and to weave them into what I pray will be illuminating manuscripts. In this, my first E-Book, I look more closely at the Letter E, itself — the most frequently used letter of the Alphabet.


Think you know the Alphabet?

Well, thINK again.

Of course, if you’re a native speaker, then you learned the names of all 26-letters when you were very small. And you can certainly use them to cast spells ¾ more or less. However, like most everyone else, you are likely to believe that the alphabet is a system of meaningless symbols for meaningless sounds.

Well, don’t let the letters’ apparent simplicity dissuade you from looking more closely.

Symbols are generally recognized as the language of the unconscious. So doesn’t it seem strange that we are basically unconscious to the significance in the most prevalent set of symbols on the planet?

Rarely do we give thought to the fact that this handful of letters is capable of generating a near-infinite number of words — in a multitude of languages. And only a curious few among us explore the ancient history and esoteric mystery of the letters that have found their way into our Alphabet

What I have found, however — and am now eager to share with you — is that just by peering more deeply into the sounds and shapes of letters and words, we may catch sight of our own reflection.

So follow me now through the long-neglected portal marked ABCand N-counter the N-chanting whirled of linguistic synchronicities where symbols and sounds in letters and words come alive and speak for themselves — revealing some of our own deepest secrets.

Once within this mysterious realm, you will see that every cymbal of the alphabet has fasten8-ing rePercussions. And every word we speak and write has eL-eM-eNtal eN-aR-Gz that set off strong reverberations affecting every aspect of our lives ¾ for good or ill. It then becomes quite easy to see that the best way to protect ourselves from the awesome power of the Word is to practice the following adage —

Open mOUTh and insert heart.

Here’s how I play the game I call Alphabet Alchemy, which is how I’ve been schooled by my ABC’s:

Reading the Signs

First, I look at the capital E and see that its shape [1] makes sense — though its meaning changes — when facing all four cardinal points of the compass: East = E, South = M, West = 3, and North = W.

Then, I notice that the capital E is composed of three parallel horizontal lines connected by 1 vertical line at the left edge.

  • I note that the number 1 looks identical to a lower-case l — and a sans serif I — and they all look like a stick figure of 1 person standing tall.
  • I also see how the capital L is 1/3 of an E. And, if read symbolically (as if it were a Chinese ideogram), it could be seen as 1 person standing one’s ground.
  • By contrast, the E looks to me like 1 person who lives on all three planes of existence simultaneously: The physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.
  • Finally, I draw a parallel between the E and the word PARALLEL, which also contains 3 parallel lines — vertically arranged rather than horizontally. Both seem to indicate correlation and balance.

Next, I see that the lower case e, when followed by Y and then a second e, re-presents our upper face, which as I see it equates our eyes with our eYe-dentity.

From this, I re-cognize that what makes us each unique is our individual perspectives or outlook. When we give up our sovereign vision to accept someone else’s dogmatic position — as many children are compelled to do when indoctrinated into their family’s religion — then the expression of our eYe-dentity starts to look identical with that of other people.

Yet, our eYes are said to be the windows to our Soul. And there is a Pupil at the c-enter of every I/eYe. So, surely we are designed to be life-long students of our own Soul/Sole and not adherents to someone else’s pin-point-of-view. Thus, I conclude, that it matters less how well we look than it does how well we see.

Sounding the Cymbals

Now I listen to the sound of the ‘long E’ because it is what gives voice to 17 of the 21 consonants:

  • Seven by preceding the letter: eF, eL, eM, eN, eS, eU, eX
  • Nine by following after Be, See, De, E, Gee, Pea/pee, Tea, V, Z
  • And one upon occasion: Y [2]

E is also an essential letter in contemporary society with all our e-prefixed technology.

Surprisingly, E is even more eL-eM-eN-tal to the Biblical story of Genesis. So, let us now walk through that storied door.

The Genesis Emphasis in English

Consider that the 1st Woman is named Eve. And the Garden in which Eve dwelled with Adam in all innocence and ease is called Eden.

The fact that all needs were met, may even be the reason NEED and EDEN share the same 3 letters of the Alphabet.

According to Genesis, it was the naïve evil of Eve (a phrase that’s such fun to say) that led her to take a bite from the forbidden fruit and persuade Adam to do the same. Now, here’s what I believe about that pivotal event:

The Apple in the Story of Adam and Eve — It was Delicious!

It took just one bite of that potent fruit to catapult the first couple out of EDEN and into NEED and into centuries of murderous misogyny. I was captivated by this peculiar metaphor because —

I found it so hard to believe that both Adam and Eve
were so wholly naïve to the Serpent’s Seduction
that without hesitation they fell to temptation
which was the causation for
Eden’s Destruction.

Then, I learned that in Latin a word pronounced ‘malum’
means Apple and Evil — which explained the upheaval:
Paradise was undone by Original Pun
so that Life became PUNishment
rather than Fun! [3]

Because of the 1st Serpent’s diabolical treachery, a fear and loathing of snakes actually transferred over to an ancient aversion to the Letter S, itself. In the World of Words: The Personalities of Language, author Gary Jennings writes,

“It is a minor wonder that the letter S is still with us; it and its sibilant siblings in other alphabets have been abhorred by people who perceived in them the shape or sound of the dread serpent or the monogram of the even more dreaded Satan. The Yezedi Arabs won’t pronounce the letter.  The Hebrew scribes took care not to use it in the opening pages of the Scriptures. The Greek poet Pindar omitted it from his odes. The medieval Romans’ use of the S as their numeral for 7 may have been intended to take the curse off it by linking it with that traditionally “lucky” number.”[1]

In eSoterica by Laurel Airica[2] — which I feel safe in claiming to be the ‘definitive exegesis on the Letter S in verse’ — I point to an overlooked yet powerful possibility lurking in that fateful byte of Apple:

We fear the S
that slippery Snake
whose cunning caused us to forSake
the Word of God and thus to take
the chance that we might Fall
… aWake!

Guilty or Innocent?

From E to Eve to Evil, we’re carried along a serpentine stream of consciousness till we come face-to-face with Original Sin[3] — the ultimate ‘S’ word. Perhaps so many of us have accepted this concept as an undeniable fact — even when beholding the innocent beauty of a baby — because it ‘rings true’ to our ears.

I actually believe that the concept is sonically correct. It’s just that it has been misspelled for eons, literally condemning us to hellish rePercussions.

Original Syn is our natural state of being — sync-ed up with Spirit, synthesized from stardust, synonymous with Source, synergistic with each other, and synchronistic in miraculous encounters when living and loving with that ever-delicious sync-ing feeling.

So a primary purpose of life in a dimension of illusion must surely be to awaken from the dream that we are separate from our Source and from each other. Personally, I find it helpful to remember that —

The Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree
as it seeds itself in perpetuity.

And neither do we.

There is wisdom at the Core of Us All
We are not the worms we have dreamed ourselves to be.
We are butterflies traveling incognito from our own awareness
and the struggles we encounter can empower us to break free.

This brings us next to a new understanding of Original Innocence in its four basic stages and as an evolutionary process:

  1. First there is the innocence of ignorance: In-no-Sense
  2. Then, there is the innocence of our sensory perceptions: In-a-Sense
  3. There is the innate innocence of direct intuition, so potent in a child: Inner Sense
  4. Finally, there is the innocence of Purity when we’ve accepted and Re-Paired our innate duality: In Essence

And yet, how soon we forget.

The ‘Sin’ of Forget-Fullness[1]

A few years ago I awoke with the wisp of remembrance of a dream I’d just been having. In it, I was either reading or listening to an advanced English linguist who explained that once we evolve this language to a higher frequency, the children being born won’t have to forget who they are, where they come from, and why they are here.

In its current state, our language ‘puts a little English’ on our subconscious minds thereby spinning the lens through which we view the whirled. In the mid-15th Century, William Caxton, a writer, printer, merchant, and diplomat, noted that native speakers of English are as if ‘living under the domination of the Moon.’

Caxton may have been referring to the protean nature of the English tongue with its molten streams of influence flowing from many sources into this single sea/see of consciousness. But he may as well have been referring to the lunacy that English fosters in our thinking.

I have long thought of this dimension of existence as BackWord Land since so many of our personal and institutional behaviors mirror our higher values in opposition. Then, I read a statement that helped me understand how this came to be:

“When the Christians came to power in Britain, anything heathen was automatically bad.  Consequently, everything that had a strong meaning to the Anglo-Saxons was reversed 180 degrees. This reversal not only affected the people and their traditions, but also the English language we use today.”[1]

Perhaps to some degree because of this linguistic twist we are strangers to ourselves. For most of us suffer from the crippling dis-ease of I AM-nesia, the temporary loss of infinitely long-term memory. The Fall from Grace may simply be a spell of forget-fullness ¾ an overlooking of our super-natural capacities in a UniVerse of unlimited possibilities.

ultimate BackWord
must surely be DOGMA
witch[1] mirrors our true nature in reverse:

Some people
make light of the fact that
GOD and DOG are mirrors of each other
as if the lowly DOG denigrates
the Word of GOD

But what better teacher
of Unconditional Love is there
than the DOG!

This forgetfulness of who and what we really are fuels the competitive drive that compels many members of the human Race to do whatever it takes to gain the greatest influence and affluence in pursuit of a life of E’s. Thus, the question we must ask ourselves is whether the Prize is worth the Price?

David Merrick, the 20th Century’s leading Broadway producer of Tony Award-winning plays and musicals, had this to say about what it takes to be #1:

“I compare it to climbing Mt. Everest. It is very difficult. Lives are lost along the way. You struggle and struggle and finally, you get up there. And guess what there is when you get up there? Snow and ice.”[1]

How ironic it is that the highest peak above see-level that one can aspire to climb — at risk of life and limb — is famously known as Mt. Ever Rest. It stands in sharp contrast with that icon of rugged individualism — of get-it-for-yourself-at-whatever-cost-to-everyone-else American Capitalism — Mt. Rush More.

But what is it that we are seeking in all our rushing to get more? Without a doubt, it is the simple Peace of Heart and Mind that comes with a sense of feel-full-ment — the imperturbable equanimity we experience when we know in our bones that we are Enough.

Not everyone has the stamina or the will to make the endless upward climb to the Eden of Ever Rest. Some who can’t manage it may still seek to sneak a ‘peek’ experience of that lofty realm through the use of an addictive substance like cocaine, a word with little-known yet highly appropriate echoes from a bygone age:

“Cockaigne or Cockayne is a land of plenty in medieval myth, an imaginary place of extreme luxury and ease where physical comforts and pleasures are always immediately at hand and where the harshness of medieval peasant life does not exist.” Wikipedia

“The term “Cockaigne” comes from the Middle French phrase pais de cocaigne, which literally means “the land of plenty.” The word was first popularized in a 13th-century French poem that is known in English as The Land of Cockaigne. According to an early English translation of the work, in Cockaigne ‘the houses were made of barley sugar cakes, the streets were paved with pastry, and the shops supplied goods for nothing.’ [1]

This description of Cockaigne sounds like some descriptions I’ve heard of the astral plane, which many equate with Heaven — a word that evokes a sense of peace and tranquility though it is composed primarily of HEAVE, which means ‘to raise or lift with effort or force.’[2] Here again, we find the sound of EVE lurking in the midst of struggle.

Actually, I believe that we are harmonically designed to anchor Heaven on Earth. However, in order to do so, we must first look more closely at how it is we define ‘success’ so that we are no longer willing to sacrifice everything of value (often including our integrity and family) in order to achieve little more than ‘snow and ice.’

Here is a different way of understanding what I believe actually constitutes success. It occurred to me in the form of an acronym when I was editing a book on a relevant topic for a client years ago[3]:


Serving Universally by Contributing Creatively
to the Evolution of the Sacred in Society

Give ‘Er ‘EL

One way to support the evolution of the sacred in society is to redeem poor Eve, the first and foremost Fall Gal, whose name resonates with the sound of EVE-L.

As a teenager, I surmised that L is the Lord of the AlphaBet[1] — wielding its power to instantly turn the WORD into the WORLD, and to reveal what so many worship as GOD on Earth: GOLD.

It was apparently when EVE put the Word of the Lord behind her that she gave birth to EVE-L in the world.[2] Here’s how I see it:

It was Eve’s Ego that drove her
to emerge-n-see what life was like beyond their static Paradise.
Though Eden was extremely nice, it clearly wasn’t enough for her
For Eve wanted to be frEE

So, now I see the Genesis myth quite differently: I recognize that Eve’s eager eating of the apple — even knowing the divine admonition NO KNOW — is what transformed the ecology of the Earth, and incited us each to evolve.

And when She/We
allow ourselves to be led by Source[1],
then everything will ultimately
L-EVE-L out.

What divine poetic justice it is that the transition between day and night is known to us as the EVEn-ing time. Second chances are ever at hand — even at the hands of the ever-rigid c/LOCK!

Unfortunately for most of us, however, the judgments we pronounce upon ourselves each day turn our learning process from Trial and Error into Error and Trial. No doubt a Terror of errors is our natural response to the endless and horrendous repercussions of Eve’s misguided mis-take.[1]

Clearly, we have been tangled like innocent kittens in Biblical yarns. Still, parts of the story pre-written into English can be put together to help us out of our dilemma.

First off, we can notice that — anagrammatically speaking — Being is present right from the Beginning.

“…in terms of the anthropic principle … the human is seen as a mode of being of the universe as well as a distinctive being in the universe. … The human is that being in whom the universe comes to itself in a special mode of conscious reflection. That some form of intelligent reflection on itself was implicit in the universe from the beginning is now granted by many scientists.”[1]

Over time, as we become more conscious of the fact that we are far more than we ever believed ourselves to be — and what we call reality is a collective fantasy. Thus, we evolve from a lower to a higher state of consciousness, from a veritable Human Bean, to a Human Being, to a Humane Being, and ultimately to a radiating Light Beam.

This simple AlphaBet poem illustrates the pleasures of ascension:

A Light

Be Light

See Light


Apocalypse or Apotheosis[1]

Ascension is not a head-trip — it is a heart trip. The ancient Egyptians considered the Heart to be the seat of intelligence. However, in our era, the Heart has taken a back seat to the brain — or maybe it has been hidden away in the trunk. This would certainly explain why —

We’re like an idiot savant.  We’ve a grand intellect to flaunt
but only just the smallest ration of deep wisdom and compassion.

And there is really
nothing smart about a brain without a heart
although it seems to be the ultimate seduction —
because it grants us unchecked power
but just to bring our darkest hour —
as it endows us with a genius
for destruction. [1]

Just imagine, then, what might change within and around us simply by adding an L — with all the significance it carries — to the ‘spelling’ of intelligent.


By striving to be our most INTELLIGENTLE selves, we can unleash a wise and powerful force for Good on Earth.

The word ‘gentle’ originally meant ‘well born — of noble rank or family.’ This is true for us all. For, regardless of who and how our parents were — or the circumstances of our entrance into this dimension — we all come from the same Original Source. The capacity for the generosity of Spirit, the nobility of mind, and brilliance of inspired ideas is everybody’s natural inheritance — if we wish to claim them.

“Everyone, when they get quiet when they become desperately honest with themselves, is capable of uttering profound truths.  We all derive from the same source.  There is no mystery about the origin of things.  We are all part of creation, all kings, all poets, all musicians; we have only to open up, only to discover what is already there.”[1]

Here’s another way to say it:

We’ve a cellular line to the Divine
but ego causes static.

As we each let go and enjoy the flow
Our lives become

Anchoring Heaven on Earth

Each of us has a built-in compass to guide our life’s journey on the path of ascension. It is located in our heart and is written COMPASSion.

So what if, instead of winning a celebrated Purple Heart for getting wounded or murdered in battle — leaving our loved ones completely bereft[1] — we each could strive to earn a Violet E in Peace by ‘Lettering in Humanity’ through acts of loving-kindness? Might that possibility inspire more people to aspire to evolve from being merely human to becoming fully HumanE?

The Big Secret, of course, is that being kind and compassionate toward other beings actually feeds our own hearts with a sweetness more delicious than forbidden fruit.

And because of how wonderful it can actually make us feel, I’ve come to recognize it as a higher form of hedonism[1] that deserves its own descriptive word. So I coined this delicious verbal mouthful —


I define it as a form of intercourse that we can readily enjoy all day every day with Perfect Strangers as well as with our loved ones. And as Ralph Waldo Emerson so succinctly put it:

“You and I can never do a kindness too soon, for we never know how soon it will be too late.”

Unfortunately, not enough of us have discovered yet the Honey Pot at the center of genEROSity. So, in addition to speaking of the need for greater ‘band width’ to be able to comprehend complex subject matter, I believe it would also be useful to speak of our need for adequate Hz (pronounced Hurts) to amplify our capacity for compassion.

It can take a high frequency of Hz to activate an on-going flow of love, wisdom and kindness toward all forms of life — our own selves included. Fortunately, the pay-off is Enormous. Here’s one of my favorite statements concerning the path to the awakening of deeper compassion within us — and the attainment of the Violet E:

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”[2]

Of course, enough Hz can cultivate our capacity to perpetrate EVE-L in the world. But that just proves how much we need each other’s compassionate presence as mirrors of our better selves.

I am convinced that no matter who we are or how we may have behaved up till now —

When our hearts open wide there are angels inside!

There really are no rotten apples in the barrel; just some very badly bruised ones who seek to exorcise their pain by spoiling things for everybody else. In no way do I make light of the great suffering they may inflict. I simply cannot make darkness of them.


If you are reading these words then chances are that you, too, have felt that this is the time for which we all took birth. Something ‘soul-size’ is upon us that is requiring us to Evolve and E-merge as one conscious, compassionate, creative super-organism contributing to the Common Wealth on which we all depend.

Our survival as a species clearly requires that enough of us make the fundamental shift from EGO– to GEO-Centricity, and from humankind — as a scourge upon the Earth — to HumanKindness, capable of supporting life in all its diversity and in perpetuity. As we do so, it will become clear to more of us that when we were tasked …in the Beginning … to be the Keepers of the Earth, it meant Protectors not Possessors.

The close relationship between the words EARTH and HEART certainly seems like a clue — hidden in plain view — that the purpose of Life on Earth is to get a HEART not get a HEAD. We are already so far ahead of ourselves when it comes to the disparity between advances in technology and the wisdom required to use it constructively.

Similarly, the first and foremost response to global warming of the Earth obviously has to be a global warming of our Hearts that entails the willingness to share our resources and to make our decisions in terms of the greatest good for the greatest number. For to paraphrase a statement attributed to Jesus, ‘what is done unto the least among us is done onto us all.’

In Truth —

share one Heart
– our Mother Earth –
And prevent Her death
through our own rebirth.

For we know
the Earth’s one living whole
so our selves are cells of the OverSoul
which means: each prospers – or each one loses –
and each, not God, in private chooses.[1]