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Godhelp me to believe the truth about myselfno matter how beautiful it is.’

Macrina Wiederkehr

Have you ever wondered about the fact that we cannot see ourselves directly?

It takes a clear reflection from an unclouded mirror –– or person –– to help us see how we appear physically. It also takes another person –– of clarity and integrity –– to give us a useful reflection of our inner being and of how we are coming across to others.

From this I conclude that humanity is actually a collective Being. Our eyes face outward so that


and U C Me


Such Intensive Care

Is Emerge-and-See Medicine

And, when we are able to say ––

Aye to I,

Oui to We,

and Yes to the Beauty

in All that we Si,

we cause it to appreciate because ––

Beauty is in the

eYES of the BeHolder.

And once we real-eyes

the beauty, power and value

of our SING-ular aye-dentity,

we tend to live more affirmatively.

What a profound difference this makes. For according to what I’ve read (and believe) only a small percentage of our Soul energy incarnates with us physically. Thus, being lovingly witnessed and accepted is an invitation to be more fully present in the world. Then, we can more readily re-collect and retrieve the scattered fragments of our Soul Eye-dentity, which were rejected early on as being too different from the norm. So, this is how I Si it:

We birth each other into this dimension

since everyone must be deeply seen

to be fully presenced in the world.

For the material plane is all

Smoke and Mirrors

Spirit and Images

Sounds and Resonance

Angels and Angles

Fire and Flesh.

Laurel Airica

My abiding fascination with the English language has enabled me to develop great skill in using it to express ideas that make a positive difference in people’s lives.