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An Invitation to an Invocation-Creation New Year’s Celebration
With Laurel Airica –- Creator of WordMagic Global

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Creative Coaching by Laurel Airica

Dear Friends:

WordPlay may seem like a frivolous diversion while the world hastens toward self-destruction. But, in fact, playing with words is directly relevant and potentially essential to the important work of elevating human consciousness – before we completely go over the edge.

Through a lifetime of playing with words, I’ve discovered that:

  • Language is software and that English is the leading software of the Western Mind;
  • It is filled with cultural biases – akin to computer viruses – that incline our thinking toward an antiquated and manipulated vision of reality that diminishes our sense of our positive capacities and creative powers;
  • Together, we can rapidly upgrade English to convey a higher frequency of consciousness in our communications and inspire a greater frequency of kindness in our interactions.

Given that the genesis myths of cultures around the world all assert that Creation began with The Word, it seems high time that we conduct this experiment in evolving English. But if you’re wondering why upgrading English might be an especially good idea at this incredibly Orwellian mOMENt in human history.

“…One ought to recognize that the present political chaos is connected with the decay of language, and that one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end.”

Orwell was by no means the first to recommend that we start to heal the culture ‘at the verbal end.’ There have been many such voices – including that of Confucius – pointing to the need for what Terrence McKenna called ‘the forced evolution of language.’  To find others, visit Words on Words.

Thus far, I am the only one I know who can illustrate why an intentional, collective upgrade of English is so important and how we can quickly initiate it – in entertaining and enlightening ways that inspire people toward creative exploration and action. As filmmaker Ken Burns so clearly stated in the documentary, Spellbound: “It’s the most powerful force, I believe, on Earth – the English language!”

Am still blissing out because of being with your fairies, spirits, loving, light, talent, humor, wisdom, beauty, generosity. Have never experienced such intelligence, information and education, as well, regarding language! GENIUS!

B. AmmidownYoga Instructor

What a wonderful job you did and how pleased I was to witness your presentation. You had lots to share, did a great job and it flowed very nicely. The times you messed up were cool, too, because that’s when it was funniest.

David WilcockResearcher and NY Times Best-Selling Author

I loved seeing you present your work and I encourage you to do more of it.

Dr. Ron HulnickPresident of the University of Santa Monica

Congratulations! I am so glad you are finally receiving the credit for your brilliant thinking!

Dr. Leonard ShlainAuthor of The Alphabet vs. the Goddess (and 3 other best sellers)