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WordPlay That Unravels Mass Hypnosis —
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The Book of E

A Book of Alphabet Alchemy

When I was in grade school learning about the explorers, I decided that I wanted to be an explorer myself. So, imagine my disappointment upon learning that all the continents had already been discovered. Now I like to joke that they saved the consonants for me (and the wise old Vowels that give them all their voice). Working intuitively and from divine inspiration, I have managed to decode a handful of letters and to weave them into what I pray will be illuminating manuscripts. In this E-Book, I look more closely at the Letter E, itself — the most frequently used letter of the Alphabet.


WordPlay That Puts a New Spin on the Whirled

The new spoken word album by Laurel Airica is now available on iTunes and Spotify. Click the music provider of your choice to purchase the album today!

The Bottom Line

By Laurel Airica | Narrated by Alexis Brooks

Language is software, the alphabet is code, and English is the leading software of the Western mind. It is filled with cultural biases akin to computer viruses that program our thinking with an antiquated and manipulated vision of reality, promulgated by the church as an instrument of mind control at a time when people had to surrender their minds if they wanted to keep their heads about them – quite literally.

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Laurel Airica

Through stunning stunts of cunning punning – in vibrant verse and spontaneous, spellbinding speech – I perform depth-defying feats with ordinary words that will trance•form the way you view the Whirled Forever.

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