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Our Mission is to Create a Global Movement for Linguistic Improvement Through the Pleasures and Power of Enlightening WordPlay.

In all our efforts to heal our psyches and raise human consciousness on our planet, we have all but overlooked the very instrument of conscious thought and communication. Yet our ‘forked-tongue’ English language, which is the leading software of the Western mind, is itself in great need of re-tuning and upgrading.

The stream of human knowledge is impartially heading toward a non-mechanical reality: the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.

Sir James Jeans English Physicist and Mathematician (1877-1944)

Over the course of my life,
I have cultivated a heightened sensitivity
to how the total normality of insanity in society
is echoed, reflected and reinforced by the English language,
which inadvertently yet unavoidably propagates the antiquated
and manipulated vision of reality promulgated by the Church
as an instrument of mind control—at a time
when people had to surrender their minds
if they wanted to keep their heads
about them. Quite literally.

Concurrently, however, because language is not merely

grammatical but holo-grammatical as well
and because words emerge at the
convergence of Consciousness & Culture
there are also naturally occurring expressions
of innate human wisdom that illuminate the way forward
if we but notice and follow these Secret Pathwords
pointing toward our Liberation.

WordMagic Global’s® Presentations & Products
are intended to demonstrate that
(1) language is the software of the mind, that
(2) Divine Mind is our Heart Drive, and that
(3) together
 we can upgrade the English language
to free ourselves from its secret spells by ‘downloading’
and sharing new symbols, sounds,
words, metaphors and maxims
capable of conveying
 a higher frequency of
consciousness in our communications
and inspiring a greater frequency
of kindness in our interactions.


Our Conscious,
Collective, and Creative Upgrade
of the leading software of the Western Mind
can help facilitate our essential evolutionary leap
from Humankind to HumanKindness
thereby transforming Planet Earth into an
ever-warmer Global Heart on which, at last,
All Hearts are Won

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