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Horsing Around:

The Inside Word on Marriage and Horses

With the rising tide of energy toward WordMagic, this book has become a collector’s item. It is a 10×10 coffee table book rich with illustrations that enhance the narration about the words in common between marriage and horses.

By purchasing from this page you’ll get a personally autographed copy of this book as well as be contributing to my ability to bring more of the trove of WordMagic out into the world. Each costs $100 (plus tax & postage).



The powerful bond between

humans and horses go back

through the ages.

Still, you may be surprised to see to what degree we continue to equate our most intimate relationship with our equine companions. Horsing Around unveils the connection between marriage and horses. It offers tantalizing food-for-thought for everyone who enjoys horseplay and wordplay – but especially for those who will soon be stepping up to the altar to alter their lives forever.

Given that humans are Heard animals – regularly wrangled by sound bites to take certain actions – it’s intriguing to discover in Horsing Around just ‘what’s in a word’ beyond its surface deaf-initions. Given that many sounds are saddled with assorted© unheard meanings, you’ll come away from this book with a new understanding of why people cry on the day you say ‘Eye Dew.’

Back Cover Text

According to a recent Gallop Poll, couples who are hot to trot down the bridal path would do well to rein in their fanciful notions of marriage as one long, blissful roll in the hay. Those who stay hitched for the long haul are the ones who are ready – right at the starting gate – to jump every hurdle in tandem and to clear all the obstacles life brings their way.

In Horsing Around you’ll discover:

  • How to fully enjoy your own animal nature without running wild, turning into a beast or ending up in the doghouse;
  • What it takes to become a bonded pair that happily mates for life; and
  • The ultimate secret for becoming a winner in the Human Race.
Laurel Airica is the creator of WordMagic: An Enchanted Literary Entertainment. An innovative educator, versifier, and performance artist, she asserts that language is not merely grammatical but Holo-Grammatical as well. Thus, “using the curiosities of English as a mirror in which to view our own idiosyncratic natures and presumptions of reality is like peering through a magic lens that makes the obvious suddenly visible.” Horsing Around is the first publication of WordMagic Global Publishing, Ink. (