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Who is the Audience for WordMagic?

WordMagic delights word-lovers of all ages and stages of English language mastery. The following is a list of audiences and potential topics for a presentation

General audiences—young teens and up

  • eSoterica by Laurel Airica: The Definitive Exegesis on the Letter S in Verse
  • The Aye that is Oui
  • We DO Come with Instructions: The ABC’s of Self-Real-Eyes-ation
  • Everything I Know I Learned from my A, B, C’s –
  • WordMagic: The Secret Spells of the English Language
  • Everything Happens by Chants – The Creative Power of the Word
  • Toward a New Word Ardor
  • How to Foment a Linguistic ReVOLTage and Up the Amperage on the Language
  • Gamboling on the AlphaBet: How I Evolved from Punster to Pundit and How You Can Fashion Your Passion into Your Livelihood
  • Juris-Diction

Corporate Audiences

  • Communification: Open Mouth – Insert Heart
  • Funny Money: Words we’ve coined to talk about money

University audiences—and sophisticated language users

  • Our Mystic-Linguistic Echo System: A Terse Discourse in Verse on the Power of The Word
  • Is the English Language Really Sound?

Conscious Life Expo Audiences

  • What is Real & What is kNOT
  • How to Achieve Self-REAL-EYES-ation
  • Healing the Earth by Purifying the Stream of Human Consciousness
  • Using the Word for the World’s ReCreation

The Radical Fringe and Cultural Reformers

  • Sharp Words, Pointed Expressions and Cutting Remarks
  • Awakening from the American Delusion to Fulfill the Real American Dream

Ardent word lovers and word puzzle enthusiasts

  • Defining Moments: Words that Contain a Whole Poem in a Few Syllables—If You Know What I Mean
  • Foreign English for Native Speakers

New Age ‘Elementals’ and Nature Mystics

  • The wRites of Passion of Philomela Nightingale: A Faerie’s Tale—a MultiVerse Chantefable

Romantic Couples

  • Speaking of Love
  • Horsing Around—The Words in Common Between Marriage & Horses

Holiday Audiences

  • Inspired and Savory Suites suitable for all denominations

Youth from 4th—12th Grade

  • AlphaBet Alchemy: Volumes of Spells & Sacred wRites for Inspiring WordWizardry
  • WordMagic’s semANTIC REVELations and Simplistic Linguistic FUNdaMENTALism
  • Gamboling with the Alphabet
  • ReArranging the vOWLs in Poetical Order

My Intention for this witty and whimsical literary entertainment remains the same regardless the specific focus of any program: It is to amuse, inform, and encourage audiences to utilize the awesome power of the Word with a greater frequency of consciousness, kindness, beauty and creativity. It is to help all minds become un-penned!