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What Takes Place at a WordMagic



Turning the English Language Insight Out & BackWords To Reveal the Spells They Cast Upon Consciousness And the Lopsided Spin They Put On Our Whirled

A WordMagic Show is a mind-bending, paradigm-shifting re-introduction to the English language that brings to light the ‘hidden’ philosophy in puns and the symbols of the alphabet. Each presentations includes an entertaining combination of eye-opening explorations and

illuminating illustrations, punctuated by corroborating quotes and anecdotes—interspersed with illustrative WordMagic verse. Audience members frequently draw comparisons with such literary notables as Shakespeare, Joyce, Ogden Nash and Dr. Seuss.

How It Works

The WordMagic Method

I vary the content of each program according to the age, nature, and interests of the audience.

Every show begins with a general introduction to WordMagic to orient the audience to this mystic-linguistic perspective on the power of the Word and on how it puts its own spin on the Whirled. I do this through humorous, spontaneous, interactive expositions on ordinary words, the letters that compose them and the implications they hold in their ‘unseen and yet conspicuous curriculum.’

I also introduce unusual, obscure, amusing and inspiring vocabulary to expand popular pleasure with words along with our limited notion of what is humanly possible.

I usually share anecdotes from my own life’s journey to create greater intimacy with the audience, to describe the evolution of WordMagic, and to encourage audience members to follow their own echt-centric* interests into uncharted territory, which could lead them to entelechy—the actualization of one’s essential potential.

Visual aids are used to convey the multiple levels of meaning within a single word.

Length of Presentation: 20-90 minutes including audience participation.

Topics May Include

  • Life is but a dream—Reality is metaphoric
  • The Power of the Word to Affect our World’s of Experience
  • The Secret Spells of the English Language with which we write our own Life Sentences
  • Sacred PathWords to Enlighten our Journey
  • The relationship of the I to the Eye – identity to perception
  • Nine Obscure Words that reveal the whole Purpose of Life
  • We DO Come With Instructions!
  • Foreign English for Native Speakers
  • How we can collectively, creatively upgrade the English language to inspire the best in us all
  • Language is Holo-Grammatical
  • The ABC’s of Inner ConsciousGnosis
  • How to Access the Cosmic Pleasure Principle
  • Neologisms—Inventing new words to help create a New Word Ardor
  • How WordPlay can Facilitate and Accelerate our Essential Evolution – from Humankind to Humankindess – as we speak and write.

Did you know?

*Echt is a German world that means real, authentic, genuine. Echt-centric is a word I coined as an alternative to the oddness implied by eccentricity. It stands for the possibility of centering our lives on that which is most real, alive and authentic within us.

“English, as it is generally spoken, appears to be losing more words than it gains. You need only look at the thin thesaurus that came with your word-processing program to see how the English language is losing its internal diversity. Nonetheless, ailing languages can be resuscitated; words can be brought back. The advent of another Shakespeare could vastly expand the vocabulary again.” ~ Earl Shorris, “The Last Word: Can the World’s Small Languages Be Saved?”, Harper’s Magazine/August 2000

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