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Target Audience

Suitable for intelligent audiences from 10 years of age on up.

Story Synopsis

Inadvertently incarnating in UpsideDown Town, through the King and Queen of BackWord Land, Philomela Nightingale is at first delighted and distracted by the beauty of the world that surrounds her – believing herself to be still in her native kingdom and element.

She is enChanted by the charms of Mother Nature and feels a special kinship with the Moon. Thus, she quickly masters the language of sea•sparkles, wind•raptures, sand•script and river•murmurs. In all inner•sense she assumes that the natural world is the Book of Knowledge from which all beings are learning the stories of their lives.

Too soon, she discovers – to her alarm and dismay – that she views the world through very different eyes than do the people all around her. Through some innocent miscalculation, she appears to have wandered through the looking glass and exiled herself from the Nature Kingdom – with no knowledge of how to return.
Philomela thus begins an in-depth exploration into the nature of this contrary world of metaphor and paradox in which she has essentially lost herself. By so doing she hopes to fulfill her unconscious reason for being here – and then, to find her back to the forest family of her dreams.

Philomela Nightingale shares her archetypal wRites of Passion in the elemental elfin tongue of rhythmic, rhyming, lyrical, light-woven verse — riddled with stunning punning, sparkling with the glitter of alliteration and spoken in sensuous, musical syllables.

Statement of Purpose
  • To entertain and delight
  • To showcase the music, magic, beauty and mystery of words and the nature of reality
  • To open words like oyster shells to reveal the pearls of wisdom and other surprises embedded within them
  • To unveil ‘the Secret Spells of the English Language’ with which we write our own Life Sentences
  • To heighten popular delight in the power and pleasure of using language skillfully
  • To foster recognition of English as the leading software of the mind – leading to an awareness that we can collectively upgrade it to become as resonant with natural harmonies as the sounds of crickets and birds and in support of our essential evolution from humankind to HumanKindness. [For more on this, please see my article on The Language of the Birds.’