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Because Playing with Words Leads to Entertaining Ideas!

There’s an overlooked repository of cultural mythology ‘hidden’ in plain view in ordinary words and the alphabetic ‘cymbals’ that compose them. And because of our cultural propensity to equate co-incidence with insignificance, most people overlook the rich trove of echoes and reflections provided us by homonyms, anagrams and the ‘cymbals’ of the alphabet.

“Our brains are primarily formatted by the commercial Roman alphabet and worldview instituted by force in the early 400’s. The Roman worldview has nearly completely separated us from nature, from the world of interpenetrating patterns, the web of life in which our lives are intricately weaved. As a result, our civilization is more interested in churning out kids with masters degrees in business than it is in allowing true spiritual mastery to gently emerge. Fortunately, however, if we can speak English we all have access to the Language of the Birds and access to our true selves.”

Wm. Henry

The Language of the Birds

WorkShoppe Intentions

  1. Demonstrate how words cast ‘spells’ on the mind.
  2. Trace the light and shadows cast upon consciousness through the implicit metaphors in homonyms and the alphabet.
  3. Reflect upon the worldview hidden in the overtones of this “meta-language.”
  4. Reveal the Secret Path Words that constitute the Language of our Liberation – and examine their implications for Self-Real-Eyes-ation.
  5. Prove the power of the Word to make a positive difference in the world.

Components of the Curriculum

  1. Explore puns, anagrams and self-defining words as ‘cultural Freudian slips’ to help participants identify the consciousness they reflect and/or the wisdom they impart.
  2. Delve into the magic of ‘linguistic synchronicities’ as well as etymologies.
  3. Decode the symbols of the alphabet as reflections of the Western mind.
  4. Share obscure yet fascinating words – to see what ideas they inspire us to express.
  5. Examine the relationship between words and deeds.
  6. Reveal how honesty holds the real key for increasing authentic Word Power.
  7. Discuss outmoded metaphors and idiomatic expressions – like ‘needle in the haystack – and invent new ones together on the spot.
  8. Neologize – invent new words and create new meanings for existing words.

Goals & Benefits

  1. To engender new interest and excitement in mastering English (and other languages) through a unique form of word play.
  2. Once the magic is restored to words, people naturally feel inspired to explore and use them with greater pleasure, fluency and wisdom.
  3. By learning to see beyond the surface of words, students are able to look more deeply into their own emotions, perceptions and life experiences.
  4. By bringing forth the hidden philosophy embedded in the language, it is possible to communicate sophisticated ideas from the leading edge of physics concerning the unity of all life and the evolutionary role of love – in simple terms that inspire the imagination and promote positive values.
  5. Through the perspective revealed by our examination of symbols and sounds, participants will be encouraged to explore and share their own insights, perceptions, feelings and beliefs about the world in which we live and the special gifts each are born to contribute.

At WordMagic PlayShoppes, participants learn to take command of the English Language by writing their own liberating life sentences through a new kind of wordplay that expands our perspective on Reality and makes Self-discovery as easy as A-B-C.

So, if you like to play with words – and want to uncork you own creativity—come join us for a spell of wRighting that is sure to put wings on your spoken and written expression.

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to use words—and inner listening—to unearth their own creative genius. Whether participants are aspiring writers, accomplished writers, or are certain they have no talent for writing—by bringing several pens and a pad to a WordMagic workshop they will have the opportunity to discover a deeper level of their own natural brilliance and eloquence.

WordMagic Performances and WorkShoppes Are Tailored to the Interests, Abilities and Time Constraints of Participants.