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Water: The Mater of All Matter

An Unusual Tale of Quantum Physics, Dr. Shui Yin Lo
And the Surprising Healing Properties of Solid Water Particles


Our body is designed by nature to be a self-healing system. And though most of us live at a distance from nature, we remain wholly dependent on it not only for our sustenance but for the restoration of our health when we lose it.

Unlike nature-based peoples, however –– as well as sophisticated ancient cultures and even wild animals[1] –– we have lost touch with our innate awareness of how to live in accordance with the cycles, seasons, and wisdom of nature so that we can thrive individually and collectively in perpetuity.

In our contemporary rationalist society –– divorced as we are from the literal Ground of our Being –– our healthy interrelationship with the Earth has been replaced by a dependency on the scientific dogma of the day with its expensive chemical ‘solutions’ to the dysfunctions that beset us when we are out of sync with that which is most basic to us. Thus, today, even the Sun –– the source of light and warmth, of photosynthesis in plants and Vitamin D synthesis in humans –– has become feared and avoided as a source of skin cancer –– even with only minimal exposure. And yet, some sunscreens intended to protect the skin have, themselves, been proven to be carcinogenic.

Science is only just beginning to prove (and endeavor to artificially synthesize) many things that the ancients knew innately. For instance, people living close to the Earth have long recognized the healing properties of the Sun. But it wasn’t until the end of the 19th Century that an ailing Danish scientist, Niels Ryberg Finsen, took to sunbathing for self-healing. And what he discovered in the process revolutionized the treatment of the most dreaded disease of his time.

Knowing that folk wisdom and anecdotal evidence would be insufficient to convince the scientific community that the Sun could help heal the body as well as the mind, Finsen began researching the healing impact of Sun exposure on a variety of conditions. This led to the birth of a new field of medicine, Heliotherapy, for which Finsen won the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology in 1903[2].

Based on Finsen’s discoveries, sunbathing became one of the first successful treatments of tuberculosis of the lungs and the skin. Sun therapy soon spread throughout Europe and the U.S. It was found to create not only greater relaxation but to diminish inflammation, increase microcirculation, and accelerate cell regeneration.

Many ailing people who were treated in sanitoriums with nutritious food, fresh air and plenty of sunlight were able to recover from the otherwise deadly illness of TB. The sun as an essential source of healing was thus widely accepted and adopted in ‘civilized’ societies –– up until the time that antibiotics and chemotherapy came on the scene and were heavily promoted.

Another Essential, Overlooked Element: Today, given the increase in all sorts of diseases worldwide ­­–– and the toxic side-effects of many pharmaceuticals created to treat them –– it’s time to take a closer look at another completely indispensable life-giving element: Water. Though ubiquitous and seemingly ordinary, water is undeniably the ‘Mater of Matter.’

All life begins in water. Our cells are mostly made of water. And we are wholly dependent on it for our existence. Yet, despite all this, we have quite literally ‘damned’ it, and so heavily polluted it with deadly ‘Forever Chemicals,’ that today, we cannot survive without it and yet unavoidably poison our bodies with it.

But what if the solution to so many of our seemingly insoluble health challenges were hidden in this ‘ordinary’ substance –– at a level never before accessible to us?

For nearly four decades, Dr. Shui Yin Lo, an internationally-renowned expert in theoretical, particle, mathematical and quantum physics, has been studying water at the subatomic level through the most powerful microscope available today –– the atomic force microscope. What he has discovered (among many other things) are previously unknown healing properties of water that can prevent or reverse many of the most intractable diseases of our era. And Dr. Lo has the photographic –– as well as scientific and anecdotal –– evidence to prove it.

Who is Dr. Lo? Shui Yin Lo was born in mainland China in 1941. When the communists took over in 1949, his family emigrated to Hong Kong. The contrast that confronted him –– between the traditional culture of the mainland and the Westernized culture of Hong Kong –– was profoundly jarring to him. Thus, the young Shui Yin embarked on a search for a link that could bridge the East with the West –– just as the corpus callosum connects the rational with the intuitive brain.

Well-versed in Chinese history, philosophy, and literature from an early age, Shui Yin as a high school student had the opportunity to study with some of mainland China’s leading lights in these fields –– as well as in physics and mathematics. These brilliant researchers and educators had also emigrated to Hong Kong at the time of the communist takeover. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject inspired in him a lifelong passion for physics.

Shui Yin received his Bachelor of Science degree –– with the Highest Distinction –– from the Dept. of Physics at the University of Illinois in 1962. In 1966, he received his PhD. degree in theoretical physics from the University of Chicago. He went on to gain expertise and prominence in particle physics, mathematical and quantum physics. Today, he views physics as the ‘pinnacle of Western civilization.’

Early in his career, Dr. Lo taught at universities in Australia and the U.S. He also became a sought-after speaker at international conferences on high-energy physics.[3] But his greatest contributions were yet to come.

It was not until 1987, as a resident of the U.S., that Dr. Lo first began a daily practice of Qigong. When asked by his teacher to find the scientific basis for Qi –– or Life Force energy –– he began exploring it through quantum mechanics since he knew that Qi had to exist at the subatomic level.

Ultimately, it was because of his in-depth understanding of physics ­­–– and his intimate knowledge of the ancient Chinese meridian system (he is a professor of Chinese Medicine in Research) –– that Dr. Lo was able to find and forge a bridge between Eastern and Western science, making the great contributions of both cultures more accessible to more people worldwide. He calls this bridge, Quantum Chinese Medicine. And it came about through his deep dive into the unfathomable depths of ‘ordinary’ water.

The Discovery of Solid Water Particles (SWP): All living organisms are composed of DNA, the double-helix molecule that stores and transmits genetic information. But how can such a complex structure as DNA evolve from so simple a molecule as water, which is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom?

Through his research into the physical properties of water at the sub-atomic level, Dr. Lo theorized and then verified that extremely pure water molecules –– when exposed to his patented electrically-conductive charge –– will form nano-sized particles. And unlike ice, these particles are stable even at room temperature and at the boiling point.

When thousands of these sub-atomic SWPs merge together, they create a double-helix structure that resembles DNA. Thus, it appears that DNA may well have arisen from SWPs –– which also show evidence of supporting the fulfillment of DNA’s function. SWPs have even been shown in research to attach to bacterium and destroy them.[4]

Dr. Lo’s research further indicates that the invisible electrical networks that connect all the systems and organs of the body –– as well as the Qi or life force energy that travels through these networks to nourish the whole system and facilitate its optimal functioning –– may all be composed of SWPs.

The efficacy of SWP methodologies developed by Dr. Lo for the detection and treatment of many conditions has been well researched and documented by the work of many other scientists.[5] He has been awarded 18 patents[6], primarily for the ways he developed to enhance the effectiveness of SWPs through oral, topical, intravenous and vapor administration. These patents cover the following applications:

  • Prevention of bacterial growth in living organisms
  • Treating Eye, Ear and Nose ailments
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of homeopathy
  • Detection and reduction of inflammation, as well as preventions of cancers and cardio-vascular disease
  • Detection, treatment and prevention of neurological developmental disorders
  • Prevention and treatment of autistic spectrum disorders
  • Improving health in people with autoimmune disease, chronic pain, mental illness, and genetic disorders stemming from the malfunctioning of DNA –– as well as improving athletic performance, alleviating soreness, reducing stress and ameliorating toxins.

What are Energy Meridians? The concept of a vital life force (known variously in the East as qi, chi, or prana) –– and of a web-of-life, or meridian system, that circulates this lifeforce throughout the body –– is at the heart of both ancient Chinese medicine and martial arts like T’ai Chi and Qigong. However, unlike blood –– and the vessels through which it circulates throughout the body –– life-force energy, and the channels that convey it, have mostly eluded detection (despite the effort of many scientists to prove their existence).

Consequently, Qi and the meridians have remained hypothetical in the minds of many traditionally-trained Western medical practitioners –– as well as many health insurers. However, there is a good reason they’ve remained invisible. For as Dr. Lo explains: ‘The basis for acupuncture can be found not in chemistry but in bio-physics.’

This skepticism about their existence continues today despite the fact that acupuncture has repeatedly been demonstrated to alleviate both the symptoms and the source of many illnesses –– and to restore health and energy levels non-invasively and without toxic side effects. ‘Yet, Western medicine cannot yet conceive of needles being able to cure so many diseases,’ Dr. Lo points out.

This lack of widespread acceptance of Chinese medicine has had a significant detrimental impact on the health and wellbeing of many people throughout the United States who haven’t yet learned of it, have no nearby access to it, or simply cannot afford to receive services because of the lack of coverage.

Unlike Western medicine, Chinese medicine was developed over a period more than 3000 years.[7] Thus, it has had a very long time to work out any conceptual flaws and develop a system that reliably works. This system identifies 14 main meridians in the body’s eco-system. Together, they regulate vital functions that optimize our natural self-healing capacities. It is when the flow of energy through these channels or meridians becomes obstructed that dis-eases most readily occur.

The meridian charts used in Chinese medicine provide a complex and comprehensive body map of the ‘supply chain’ that transmits vital force energy throughout every part of the body. From this perspective, illness in a specific organ is not perceived or treated as an isolated, localized event. It is viewed as the result of blockages in the interconnected meridians that serve as channels for the life force energy.

By comparing the network of meridians with super highways and byways that connect cities and states, we can easily visualize how obstructions along these thoroughfares can lead to serious disruptions in the flow of energy (and goods) from one place to another. This is well illustrated by the backlog in the current global supply chain, and the pile-up of problems this has created for everyone along the way.

When this occurs on the level of the body, acupuncture can serve to reduce pain and inflammation and increase circulation. This, in turn, heightens immunity and speeds up recovery. Through a similar process but in a far simpler and more accessible manner than treatment with needles by a practitioner, the ingestion of SWPs can be rapidly and tangibly demonstrated –– by means of infrared photography –– to remove the blockages and restore the flow.

Infrared Photography was developed by the U.S. military during the Cold War. When it became available for civilian use in the mid-60s, Dr. Lo decided to purchase a medical-grade camera –– designed to measure skin temperatures throughout the body –– as an aid to his research.

Through this technology, levels of heat and inflammation in organs of the body become visible. The hottest temperatures show up as white. As heat diminishes, the colors progress from red, to orange, to yellow. Normal temperatures are revealed as green. And areas that are blue or black in the photographs indicate a lack of normal circulation.

Over the many years of his research, Dr. Lo has accumulated 1000s of before-and-after infrared photos of subjects who suffer from a wide-range of illnesses. These images consistently prove that in a matter of minutes after ingesting a small amount of SWP water, the inflammation blocking the flow of energy throughout the meridians is significantly reduced. This then allows the body’s innate self-healing capacities to be revitalized.

Because the meridians come close to the surface of the skin at various points along their journey through the body, Dr. Lo’s photos actually make their existence visible. And by comparing these images with the acupuncture charts used by Chinese medicine practitioners, he has created a Thermo-Meridian model that allows areas of inflammation to be seen.

Based on a subject’s health questionnaire, Dr. Lo is actually able to predict with a strong degree of accuracy where this inflammation will show up along certain meridians when the infrared photos are taken. He can further address what specific problems currently exist and/or those that may soon manifest. This is especially helpful with children who are unable to communicate. It also makes it possible to catch a problem in its early stages so that a person can seek medical intervention before the problem develops into a serious condition.

The Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Autism via Meridian Theory[8]: Conventional Western medicine offers little hope for sufferers of this debilitating syndrome. While early intervention is ideal for any effective treatment, undertaking challenging dietary restrictions and behavioral interventions –– without treating the underlying health issues –– has not proven to be a very successful strategy.

Through his many years of intensive, in-depth research with close to 100 males in three countries diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Dr. Lo has demonstrated that the ingestion of SWPs can increase energy, improve concentration, diminish pain, support sleep, repair the digestive system, enhance memory and other cognitive functions.

Research with 11 males with ASD: Among the many studies Dr. Lo has conducted using infrared photography and SWPs, was a 12-week study with 11 males, ages 5-19, from China, Panama and the U.S. All of the boys had been diagnosed by their pediatricians with Autistic Symptom Disorder (ASD) with varying degrees of severity.

Dr. Lo examined each subject three times during the course of the three-month study: At its outset, at the midway point it, and at the conclusion. On all three occasions, he took 360º full-body infrared photographs –– before and 15-minutes after each boy drank a small amount of water with SWPs. The differences revealed in the photographs not only supported Dr. Lo’s research, they also gave parents confidence that a positive change was occurring –– even before visible evidence of improvements in health or behavior had taken place.

Dr. Lo found that in each case, the photography revealed the same six primary ‘hot spots’ of inflammation in each boy’s body. These hotspots were located in the brain, the lower abdomen, the armpits and thyroid[9]. These are patterns not generally seen in people without autism.

The meridians that connect these points of inflammation stretch from the head –– with branches that extend into the brain –– to the gastrointestinal tract and urinary bladder system. Thus, the major clinical symptoms of ASD are revealed by the thermographic imagery.

During this limited study, the only treatment Dr. Lo used on the subjects was SWPs. The quantitative reduction of maximum temperatures at the six regions over the course of the study was measured and calculated by the infrared camera through its accompanying software.

In every case, a consistent lessening of inflammation was noted. This suggests a positive healing effect taking place within a very short period of time. And this positive effect increased over the three-month duration of the experiment through consistent use of the SWP water.

Qualitative evaluation of the boys by their parents over the 12-week period also indicated that 8 out of the 11 children had physiological and behavioral improvements within the three months of the study. Though small in number, these preliminary findings suggest a reliable method of early detection and effective treatment of ASD. And this is only one of many instances in which consumption of SWPs, over extended periods of time, have relieved and reversed symptoms of ASD.

It is interesting to note that few medical doctors connect autism directly with gut issues. Yet, the GI/brain connection is recognized in Western medicine. And according to Harvard Medical School, the brain and gastro-intestinal system should be viewed as one system. A person’s stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or product of anxiety, stress, or depression.

Therefore, babies and toddlers with severe GI disorders could have issues in the brain that overtime will affect their behavior. And early detection and intervention is their best hope for a healthy future. Fortunately, and quite remarkably, even treatment with SWPs at a later age can make a profound, positive difference –– as described below.

A seven-year-old boy with ASD was brought to Dr. Lo for treatment. His presenting symptoms included ––

  • The need for suppositories to excrete
  • An addiction to milk
  • Height and weight at less than 25% of the norm
  • Excessive crying and chronic sleeping
  • Lack of attachment to his grandparents though he and his mother lived with them
  • Fear of playground equipment designed for young children

The first infrared photos taken by Dr. Lo indicated severe GI issues as well as issues with the brain. Six weeks after beginning treatment with SWPs, the inflammation was greatly reduced. The child no longer needed suppositories. Crying and tantrums had lessened, while social contact with his grandparents and other people had improved.

The boy had also advanced in his reading and math skills, as well as his physical, social and communication skills. His height and weight began showing improvement. This early intervention with SWPs began to reverse what could have become a steady decline in the health and social skills of a young person with an entire life ahead of him –– as well as an escalating decline in the quality of life of his family.

Adolescent twins with severe ASD: Twin teenage boys who had been diagnosed as severely autistic, were brought in by their parents for treatment with Dr. Lo. The parents were financially and emotionally exhausted and depleted because of everything else they had tried for their sons without success.

The boys’ condition had worsened at puberty. It was unclear, however, whether this was the result of hormones –– or because of the aggressive use of antivirals, SSRIs and antibiotics in the search for a solution to their unlivable condition. Whatever the cause, the boys displayed an increase in anger, aggression and seizures. One twin also frequently ran away from home.

By chance, the mother’s doctor had read an article about Dr. Lo’s research and mentioned it to her. When she brought the boys in to see him, one of them immediately ran away and had to be retrieved. The infrared photographs taken of both boys during that first visit indicated the GI connection. And 15-minutes after each boy imbibed a small amount of SWP water, the photos revealed significant reduction in the inflammation.

Dr. Lo recommended that the twins be given the water several times a day. After three months, significant changes were visible in the infrared scans but no cognitive changes in the boys’ behavior had occurred. By the fourth and fifth month, however, the twins showed an increase in awareness, cognition and speech. They made more eye contact with others, slept better, and though easily triggered, showed a reduction in anger and aggression.

Both twins had suffered from severe seizures. Under Dr. Lo’s guidance, their mother rubbed their heads with SWP cream when they had headaches. Neither twin had had a seizure for over a year at last report.

The boys’ teacher reported improvements in academics and communication in both twins. One of them advanced five years within one year. And because their difficult behavior and running away were no longer occurring, the parents celebrated by purchasing an annual family pass to Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland. The mother attributes all of her sons’ progress to Dr Lo and SWPs.

Autism Research –– Plans for the Future: With sufficient funding, Dr. Lo plans to run large-scale clinical trials to ––

  • Track the thermal patterns he has thus far observed in ASD sufferers, and
  • Discover if they are consistent among all sufferers.

If so, this could lead to a new way to diagnose and treat this syndrome early on. It also makes it possible to rapidly assess the efficacy of any treatment tried. And treatments could begin even before symptoms occur.

Ideally, Dr. Lo would like to amass a set of 10,000 before-and-after images of ASD children to prove beyond doubt the link with GI issues as well as the efficacy of SWPs in reversing symptoms and increasing well-being. This then could lead to diagnosis, intervention and treatment of babies and toddlers with GI issues, including colic, so that these children and their families can escape much if not all of the trauma that comes with this syndrome.

As a dietary supplement, using SWP’s to treat ASD includes the following benefits:

  • Low cost, the possibility of large-scale production, and immediate availability
  • The complete lack of toxicity and adverse side effects, and
  • The ease, speed and accuracy with which success or failure of a treatment can be easily measured.

Research on SWPs with or by Other Scientists: Based upon Dr. Lo’s publications and presentations at international conferences, many doctors around the world are using SWPs in their research and on their patients. At this point, the efficacy of infrared photography for the detection and treatment of many conditions is now well established –– as is the high-level of success in treating these conditions with SWPs.

Dr. Lo has worked with many researchers at various universities, most recently Cal Tech, to explore and expand the application of SWPs to include a variety of health challenges. Here are two quick examples of what has been discovered:

  • In a study conducted by Norm Shealy, MD, PhD –– widely recognized as the father of Holistic Medicine in the West –– SWPs were shown to enhance the production of interferon, which is responsible for the immune response in humans.
  • Lo worked in conjunction with Dr. Paul Patterson[10] on a study that focused primarily on the relationship of the immune system to autism.
  • In their 2012 research paper, entitled, “Stable Water Clusters−Mediated Molecular Alterations in Human Melanoma Cell Lines,”[11] published in a journal called, Onco Therapeutics, Dr. Benjamin Bonavida[12], PH.D. and Stavroula Baritaki[13], Ph.D. summarized their conclusions in the Abstract, as follows ––

“The preliminary findings demonstrate that treatment of melanoma cell lines with SWCs[14] inhibits cell proliferation, upregulates the expression of death receptors, sensitizes the tumor cells to fasL-induced apoptosis[15], and selectively modifies gene products that regulate growth and the apoptotic pathways.”

What About Infrared Photography and SWPs for COVID Detection and Treatment?: Detection, treatment and prevention of COVID-19 has become a matter of urgency. There are currently two methods: One comes from Western Medicine. The other comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Lo proposes the use of a third method –– Quantum Chinese Medicine: Using an infrared imaging system, the temperature (degree of inflammation) of the acupoint LU2 on the lung meridian, which is caused by COVID-19, can be detected and recorded.

The treatment and prevention of COVID19 would then be accomplished by drinking SWP water as one would any dietary supplement. The speed of the reduction of inflammation at the LU2 point can be recorded through thermography and tracked over time. At present, however, there is not enough data to know whether the ingestion of SWPs would be an effective treatment for COVID.


Post Script

A Parting of the Waters: Dr. Shui Yin Lo worked closely with his friend and business partner, David Gann, on the research, development and manufacture of Solid Water Particles and the products through which they are administered. The state-of-the-art facility they established together to carry out their work, D & Y Laboratories (David and Yin), is the listed applicant on the five patent applications they filed together for their joint work.

In each case, Dr. Lo’s name is listed first on the application, followed by David Gann. On the fifth application, for an SWP cream, Martine Gann, David’s wife, is the third name listed. Two of their five patent applications were granted:

  • Method of preventing and treating autistic spectrum disorder – Patent number: 9173899; patent date: 11/3/15
  • Cream for applying on the body (containing SWPs) – Patent number 8575223; patent date 11/5/12.

Following the untimely death of David Gann in 2013, and the assumption of control of D & Y Laboratories by Martine Gann and their son, Dr. Lo chose to pursue his ongoing research independent of the newly configured organization. The heirs of David Gann’s work, who are scientologists and not scientists, continue to produce, promote and distribute Double Helix Water, which is essentially an earlier form of the water that predates Dr. Lo’s most recent research and discoveries.

For reasons of their own, they have chosen both to impugn Dr. Lo’s character (in response to my inquiry) and to attribute the discovery exclusively to David Gann, removing all mention of Dr. Lo as the actual inventor –– although he is internationally-recognized as being so.

Though this has created confusion for some seeking to understand the history of the research and the nature and benefits of SWPs, the order of names on the patent applications speaks for itself. It was Shui Yin Lo’s in-depth knowledge of physics and Chinese Medicine, as well as his decades of dedicated research into water at the subatomic level, that brought about a discovery that is making such a profound, positive impact the lives of many people around the world.

Dr. Lo’s continuous research since the passing of David Gann has led him to develop the next generation of SWP products. As this research proceeds, he will be writing more patent applications.



Products Obtainable through the Zen Institute of Health

Currently, Dr. Lo offers the following products:

  • Xen WaterTM
  • Xen Cream (for the skin), and
  • Xen Water® Plus, which can be sprayed on the body in order to ––
  • Kill viruses (including COVID-19) by spraying on the nose, throat, and mouth
  • Help restore eyes to health through reduction of inflammation by spraying on closed lids
  • Improve hearing by spraying on the ear
  • Reduce wrinkles and regain a youthful appearance by spraying on the face
  • Speed-up recovery from burns, cuts, mosquito bites, etc. by spraying on affected areas
  • Reduce inflammation, including arthritis pain, by spraying on affected areas

To Purchase Xen Water and Other Products:

Contact Info: 626-701-5890

Dr. Lo’s Website:

YouTube Videos with Dr. Lo:

Articles on Stable Water Particles:

Books by Dr. Shui Yin Lo:  Writing in both English and Chinese, Dr. Lo has published the following books, which are available through Amazon and other outlets:

  1. Meridians and Stable Water Clusters and Health: Physics and Health: A Picture Book, 2013
  2. Autism and Stable Water Clusters: Physics and Health: A Picture Book, 2013
  3. Acupuncture and Infrared Imaging: Essays by theoretical physicist and professor of Oriental medicine in research, 2018
  4. Solid Water Particles ad Building Blocks of Meridians, 2020 (Chinese edition)
  5. The Blockbuster of Prevention Medicine of Contemporary Health, 2020
  6. From COVID-19 to Super Health, 2020, (Chinese Edition)
  7. Analysis of Economics with Physics, 2021
  8. The Scientific Research of Prevention Medicine and Treatment of Autism (Chinese edition), 2021
  9. The Biophysics Basis for Acupuncture and Health by Lo, Shui Yin (2004)
  10. Scientific Studies of Chinese Character (in Chinese), published by Guo Ming Newspaper Publishing Co (1987).
  11. Geometrical Picture of Hadron Scattering, World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore (1986)


Dr. Shui Yin Lo: Biographical Overview

Education: Ph. D. from University of Chicago


  • Professor of Physics, University of Melbourne, supervisor of Ph. D. candidates;
  • Professor of Chinese Medicine, American University of Complementary Medicine, supervisor of Ph. D. candidate
  • Visiting professor at:
    • California Institute of Technology
    • Stanford University
    • New York State University
    • Oxford University, England
    • High Energy Institute, Chinese Academy of Science
    • Theoretical Physics Institute, Chinese Academy of Science
    • Free University, Berlin, Germany
  • Professional Collaborations, include ––
    • Professor B. Benavidez at UCLA on Cancer
    • Professor James Fallon at UC Irvine on Distant Healing
    • Prof Paul Patterson at California Institute of Technology on Autism

Invited Speaker at Virtual Conference

  1. 28th edition of International Conference on eye and Vision on March 28-29 2022 Webinar
  2. Virtual conference 6th Neurological Disorders Summit June 21-23,2021 NSD2021 Autism
  3. Virtual conference on Parkinson disease 6-8-2020
  4. Virtual conference on Dementia, Alzheimer’s Diseases, Periodontitis, and Solid Water Particles Jan 28,2021




[1] For evidence of this, see Wild Health by Dr. Cindy Engle, about the new branch of biology known as ‘zoopharmacognosy.’ (Houghton Mifflin, 2022).

[2] The citation read, “In recognition of his contribution to the treatment of diseases, especially lupus vulgaris, with concentrated light radiation, whereby he has opened a new avenue for medical science.”

[3] Further details of Dr. Lo’s academic background and professional activities are listed on the Resources page at the end of this article.

[4] Dr. Lo explains that SWP have other properties, as well. But medical/biological properties are what’s most relevant to our health.

[5] For more info:


[7] From Google: “The ancient practice of acupuncture started in China approximately 3000 years ago. The first documentation of acupuncture that described it as an organized system of diagnosis and treatment is in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, which dates back to 100 BCE.”

[8] Please see, ‘Method of preventing and treating autistic spectrum disorder’ –– Patent number: 9173899; patent date: 11/3/15.

[9] These areas surround yang acupuncture meridians that relate to the gall bladder (GL), the bladder (BL), the stomach (ST), the small intestine (SI), and what is known as the ‘triple warmer’ (SJ). This oddly named meridian is involved in the fight-flight-or-freeze response and in one’s ability to handle stress. It also relates to the robustness of the immune response.

[10] Dr. Patterson is a professor of Biology at the California Institute of Technology,.


[12] Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine.

[13] Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, David Geffen School of Medicine, Johnson Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of California

[14] SWCs, or solid water clusters, is another term Dr. Lo used at one point in his research – as was Stable Water Particles. Later, Solid Water Particles was chosen as the name that best conveys the essence of the phenomenon.

[15] Apoptosis: the death of cells which occurs as a normal and controlled part of an organism’s growth or development.

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