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I am amazed by the definition that I found on line for Predatory Capitalism. It states that this term “…refers to cultural acceptance of domination and exploitation as normal economic practice.”

Huh?! When did they take that poll –– about whether we agree that this kind of predatory behavior is ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable?’ Aren’t we, after all, essentially the ‘prey?’ Were we ever even surveyed?

Then, there’s that odd sound concurrence between Prey and Pray, which I find both unsettling and significant. You’ll find mention of it in my 2020 blog entitled, ‘Degringolade: The Word That Defines the Moment.’ If you haven’t read it already, I encourage you to do so as it’s one of my clearest explorations and explanations of the reciprocal relationship between the Word and the World and how we can Heal the Word to Heal the World.

As for predatory capitalism, I play with that concept in The Book of E: A Book of Alphabet Alchemy, which is my Thank You gift to subscribers at my WordMagicGlobal site. It points out how people have always longed to live with greater eeeees. So, it’s both metaphorical and ironical that skilled mountain climbers make arduous treks in frigid temperatures to reach a ‘peak experience’ at the summit of Mt. EverRest. Conversely, the capitol of U.S. Capitalism is aptly named Mt. RushMore.

Aren’t you tired of having to rush more just to try to keep up in the ever-more frenzied human Race? And isn’t it fascinating how many ordinary words echo and reflect us back to ourselves?

Now, as many leave their COVID cocoons to ‘urn’ their living in the workplace, can we find any ease in the midst of the rush to survive and achieve? My dear friend Anne Selby ( believes that –– ‘The whole exercise on Earth is to be at ease no matter what –– and to let God pick up the slack.’ She also says, ‘God provides –– unless we think God can’t. And then we suffer.’

Whatever your preferred word for the Infinite Creative Intelligence happens to be, the more aware we are of the sweetness of this Divine Presence –– that is our source, substance and essence –– the easier it is to ride the massive waves of change we’re undergoing individually and globally. It comes down to a simple and beautiful formula:

Surrender to Divinity = Serenity

Anne shared an invocation with me that I now put to frequent use: “I declare Divine Order: Everything works out more exquisitely than I plan.” As she suggests, I use this as a mantra at times to lift my spirits and vibration. This, then, strengthens my conviction in the Truth of this statement.

However, there are also times when anxiety sits like a nervous bird on my heart. Thankfully, even then blessings often show up –– often in miraculous ways. I believe it is the rudder of High Intentions that guides us through a tumultuous sea of troubles in the direction of Higher Ground – even and especially when we think we’ve lost our way.

So, regardless of how much rushing around we have to do to stay current with our personal Life’s Dream, let’s do our best to ease the tension from our minds and tune-in to our hearts where the sweetness of life is ever present everywhere –– despite how things may look at any given time.

Laurel Airica

My abiding fascination with the English language has enabled me to develop great skill in using it to express ideas that make a positive difference in people’s lives.